Monday, March 15, 2010

Rants from a Pregnant Woman...

Incase any of you are keeping track, I am no longer eating Chicken, Turkey, or ANYTHING that contains Seafood. This baby better get here soon or I just might become a Vegetarian!!!

I am only 15 and a half weeks, and look like I am 30 weeks... I feel bloated and disgusting (even though I have actually lost 9 pounds so far), and if I didn't have to take care of 3 kids, I would probably be typing this from my bed. I thought I was doing great, because I haven't had a single day of morning sickness, but let me just tell you-this baby has definitely proven it's existence in other ways... like the frequent bathroom visits, horribly hot feet, insomnia, and crankiness...

And my poor kids.. I know I am being harder on them than I should be, but I usually realize it AFTER I have gotten after them for a stupid reason.. I have tried to make up for it by letting them do extra activities, and they seem to be unphased by it :)

On a happier note, Stewart decided yesterday that we SHOULD find out the sex of the baby.. I was on the fence about it, but mostly wanted to find out! SO, we should know on the 24th if we are having another baby girl, or if we will get a baby boy this time!! We are hoping for a boy.. Especially Gabe.. He is 7 years old, and has 4 little sisters (between ours and his mom's).. and I have never seen a child more eager to share a bedroom!! lol. Since this is our last baby, we have had our fingers crossed.. but when it comes down to it, all that REALLY matters is that he or she is Healthy!


  1. hey breanna! i was wondering where you have been! its not like you are pregnant with kids to take care of! ha! how exciting! cant wait to hear! good luck with finding some food to eat! ha!

  2. congratulations! Let me know as soon as you find out!

  3. Congrats! I felt the same way with the littlest one. I went through a period of 3 months where I did not leave the couch, just walking from our bed down the stairs to the couch would send me into a 30 minute nap. I hope you get past this quickly.