Thursday, March 25, 2010

I.HATE.Needles.... but love my husband :)

Let's just start by saying this-I am afraid of shots. Just look at this timeline, and tell me you wouldn't feel the same :)
1990ish: Went with my mom to a WIC appointment. One of my siblings got a shot, and I woke up on the floor, under a table...
1996: Got my ears pierced. Did just fine, but when my mom got her's pierced after mine, I passed out...
1998: Stepped on a glass cup, and had to have 40 or 50 stitches in my big toe. 2 weeks later, it popped back open, and I had to have it redone... I told the doctor not to use so many needles, so I ended up feeling the whole.thing...
2007: Find out I am pregnant, and have to get blood work done. The girl couldn't seem to find my vein, and poked me SIX times! This is no exaggeration... After the 4th one, I told her I didn't feel well, and she said she was going to try one more time. After the 6th try, she got the blood she needed, but then I passed out. and threw up.
2007: About a month later, I went with my sister to get tested for Mono. They got her blood-4 vials! and she passed out.. I helped her get back on her feet, then I passed out, dropping a cup of water all over the floor in the meantime. After I woke up, I grabbed a garbage bag, and threw up. Again. The nurses sent us home when we seemed able to drive... Needless to say, we didn't find out if she had Mono until the next day.
2010: The beginning of February was my 2nd doctor's appointment... so the doctor told me I needed bloodwork done. He gave me the Doctor's Order for it, and I took it home and conveniently forgot about it... Then, when it came time to reschedule my appointment, I still hadn't done the bloodwork (and had NO desire to...) so I put off the appointment an extra month! I Finally scheduled my appointment, telling myself I would force myself to just get it done. NOPE. Went to the doctor yesterday, and still hadn't done the bloodwork... My husband came with me to the appointment, and told the doctor i was being a baby and wouldn't get it done, had him write another Doctor's Order... and walked me straight to the Lab. Dang it!!! Luckily, the girl got it on the FIRST POKE this time, and my husband was there to protect/support me :) Now he will have to hold my hand every time i have to get a shot :)


  1. oh yes! me and the needle do not get along either! i couldnt even read your whole post! yuck! my hubby has to come every time! i pass out and have seizure type shaking everytime! so glad its over for you!

  2. Ok, ya gotta try this... it's how I survive needles, cuz I hate them too... I turn my head the other way, and grab my ear and pinch it REALLY hard, while wiggling it a little. I'm so distracted by the painful hard pinching of my ear that the needle seems like nothing! Sounds dumb, but it works for me!