Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wow. Four years ago the holidays took on a new meaning for my family and me. Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday... Living in a 2 bedroom house with my family of 8... No electricity-which also meant no fridge, no microwave, no oven, of course no washer OR dryer... We put our milk outside the back door to keep it cold, and ate food that had to be room temperature for every meal. Our christmas tree in the front room was barely visible, because there were no lights to brighten it up... I was a Senior in High School, and had to do my hair and makeup in the rear view mirror of my car.. (forget popularity.. not an option..) This could have easily been labeled the worst thanksgiving EVER, but at the same time, I learned a lot. Gratitude-for the people i worked with at the hospital.. for being kind enough to deliver an entire Thanksgiving dinner to my doorstep.. Friendship-for a family living in such tight quarters, it would be impossible not to interact with eachother.. Compassion-for the many families that were also in need that year.. Appreciation-for the simple things that I overlooked before.. I could go on and on, but what I am really getting at here- is that sometimes the hardest times a person may face may eventually be the ones you remember the most. Simple things like hanging Christmas lights now hold a special meaning to me...

I wrote a christmas poem in 2002, but it wasn't until 2005 that I could really apply it to my own life.. I am writing it all from memory, so I'm sure I am missing something, but here it is anyway..

The Truth About Christmas

What does Christmas really mean? What is it all about?
Is it the Christmas carols we sing, or the mistletoe that is hung out?
Is it about Saint Nicholas, or the presents in his sleigh?
Is it the places we go shopping, each and every day?
When you wake up Christmas morning, what are you excited for?
Is it the presents you hoped were left, or the snow outside your door?
Christmas isn't only that.. it is also so much more..
It is about family, and giving to the poor..
Christmas is for kindly deeds, and being near those you love..
It is about forgiveness and thinking of God above.
If it weren't for our loved ones, then what would be the use-
of drinking warm Hot Chocolate, and putting lights up on your roof?
Most of all, we must NEVER forget, the reason this came to be.
God's son, Jesus Christ, was born. A miracle for all to see.
He was born to a virgin mother, and wrapped in swaddling clothes.
Three wise men came to visit him, bringing Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold.
Think of all he gave for us, it was MORE than just his death.
Jesus gave his entire LIFE, just to help us pass our "test".
So when you think of Christmas, think of those you love on earth.
But also think of Jesus Christ, and the meaning of his birth.

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