Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gabe's Tooth

So, Gabriel finally lost his first tooth!! He told me the other day that it was feeling a little loose, so I "added to his chore list" that he would keep wiggling it. (The kids do so much better with tasks if they affect their allowance, haha) Yesterday when I picked him up from school, he grinned and asked "Hey Bre, do you notice anything different about me?!" Of course, I immediately noticed that his tooth was missing... He said he lost it just After his school pictures were taken... and they sent him to the office for a cute little treasure box to put the tooth in! I never would have thought the school would have something like that.. very cute :) At one point that day, he dropped the tooth in the hallway at school, and offered a quarter to anyone that could find it... Typical Gabe, offering money-I swear that boy will one day run a bank or something lol... The lucky quarter winner happened to be his teacher! :)

He carried his little box around everywhere for the rest of the day... including on our shopping trip to Smith's, where he "checked on" the tooth, and it dropped to the floor... again. This time, it was impossible to find, though he did enlist the help of two employees... Customer Satisfaction, right?! LOL... but we eventually gave up and headed home... When Gabriel was supposed to be working on homework, he ended up writing a letter to the Tooth Fairy instead.. If my scanner worked right now, I would upload the picture.. it's very cute-and even includes the long e, short e marks above the letters.. But, this is what it says..

Der toothfere
I Lost a tooth and Lost.
I lost in my school now Lost In smieths.
Ples to get this not.

to: toothFere
From: gabriel

Of course, it made more sense when he read it to me, but it was just adorable.. Then this morning, he didn't think that the Tooth Fairy came, because his note was still under his pillow.. (she probably couldn't get it out without waking him up ;) so he didn't even look for anything else... I told him to check again, and he was able to find it.. He came running out, saying "She read the letter!! She found my tooth at Smith's and changed it into a dollar! I guess she really IS real!" Priceless...

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